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Former Kinloch Fire Chief Must Repay $75,000 in Stolen Money

June 21, 2018 - 8:46 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The state audit of the Kinloch Fire Protection District is complete - the former fire chief and board chair will have to repay roughly $75,000.

Auditor Nicole Galloway says Darren and Jayna Small essentially used the district as their checking account.

“You might pay your utility bills, get some cash from the ATM,  then get vinyl floors from Home Depot, maybe go to Walmart and get some personal items or some clothes, baby items, and they were spending all of that on the public credit card and taking cash withdraws. It was just clear inappropriate spending,” she says.

Darren Small is serving an eight month sentence - Jayna is on probation. Galloway told KMOX's Charlie Brennan this is the second time officials have stolen large sums from the district in ten years and there must be better oversight.

“There absolutely needs to be more protections there, this is the second fraud that has occurred over the last ten years or so. The previous fire chief pled guilty to stealing about $140,000,” she says.