Free Flu Shot Clinics Across St. Louis Area This Weekend

The flu vaccine is recommended for nearly everyone over six months of age.

October 11, 2018 - 5:38 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Have you gotten your flu shot? There's a lot of chances to get a free vaccine coming up this weekend.
The flu vaccine is recommended for nearly everyone over six months of age, especially infants and premature-infants, the eldery, and those who have chronic illnesses or are immunocompromised, for example, those going through chemotherapy.
Dr. Jennifer Wessels is VP of Transformation, Retail and Telemedicine for SSM Health St. Louis. Wessels tells KMOX's Mark Reardon that it's just not true that you can get the flu from the flu shot.

"The virus is dead, so you can not get an illness from the flu shot," she says. "What you will get is an immune response, and that's acutally a good thing. It means your body is working and doing what it should with that flu shot so that your body's protected."

A low-grade fever and some aches and pains are possible - "that's your body's immune response building up to attack the virus if it enters you body," Wessels adds.
The CDC says last year was the deadliest flu season in more than four decades, with 80,000 deaths from the flu and its complications.

Wessels says it's too early to tell when it comes to this season's flu severity.
SSM Health will once again offer free flu vaccines this weekend: From 8 a.m. to noon this Saturday, SSM Health will have six free clinics, including a few drive-thru flu shot clinics. No need to get out of the car - just roll up your sleeve to get the vaccine.  

The SSM sites include Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, St. Clair Hospital, DePaul Hospital, St. Joseph's in Lake St. Louis, and SSM Health Outpatient Center in St. Charles.

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