BusyKid.com says Boys Get More for Chores

Megan Lynch
July 17, 2018 - 5:42 pm

© Nagy-bagoly Ilona | Dreamstime.com


Phoenix, AZ (KMOX) - You've likely heard reports about the gender pay gap -- the difference between what men and women make in the workplace.   A new analysis of what children make for doing chores shows that wage disparity starts at home and starts early.

A company that helps parents and children manage chores and allowance analyzed its database and discovered that boys get paid twice as much for their work as girls.

Not just that, parents give boys more opportunities to earn money.

On average, boys were paid nearly 14 dollars a week.  BusyKids found that girls, on the other hand, are paid less than 7 dollars per week.

When parents gave bonuses, boys again earned more than girls.

Other findings -- girls gave a bigger portion of their allowance to charities, while boys spent more on themselves.