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Generous Donation Means New Equipment, Uniforms for Ferguson Florissant

May 14, 2018 - 9:06 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- Middle school track and field stars in the Ferguson Florissant district will soon start competing with their peers from other schools, thanks to a grant from the JJ Watt Foundation.

Cedric Brown, the district's Wellness Coordinator, says all middle school sports were intramural to this point. He says each of the district's three middle schools will get proper track uniforms and equipment to be able to compete.

“Through the generosity of JJ and his mother Connie Watt, they made it happen, so we are very, very thankful,” he says.

Watt plays for the Houston Texans. Ferguson Florissant is holding its first ever Middle School Relay this afternoon at McCluer South-Berkeley High School. The JJ Watt Foundation is also donating equipment to shore up volleyball, soccer, flag football and basketball programs.

Brown says the kids can’t wait.

“To go to each one of the middle schools over the last couple weeks and talk to them and ask them have they seen their uniforms, how have practices been, they’re just buzzing with excitement,” he says.