GoFundMe to Help Schlafly Art Fair Artists

Michael Calhoun
May 27, 2018 - 10:04 pm

via Troika Brodsky


MAPLEWOOD (KMOX) -- A local couple is trying to help those artists who lost their work in Saturday's storms.

Sixty-six local artists were planned to take part in Schlafly's "Art Outside" festival, but the weekend's storms mangled many of their tents and ruined their work. 

Elle Brodsky and her husband Troika set out from their nearby home to try and help.

"It was heartbreaking," Elle said of the scene when they walked over to try and start pulling pieces of art out of puddles. "They're basically all a bunch of small business start-ups trying to get their stuff out there into the world."

The art included paintings and also photography and woodworking.

"Tents were flattened. A few of tents were actually blown over to the back side of the brewery, more than a block away and basically over the building," Troika Brodsky said.

He added that it's art fair season, so not only did the artists lose the chance to sell their products this weekend, but are now worried about missing the Webster Groves and Columbia, Missouri art fairs next weekend.

The GoFundMe is titled Art Outside Artists Damage Fund, and it also includes links to each of the artists' websites. Here's the link: https://www.gofundme.com/art-outside-artists-damage-fund

The artists are also in need of tents for those upcoming air fairs. Troika Brodsky said he has at least one company ready to offer these artists a discount.