Gov. Greitens Maintains Stony Wall Of Media Silence

Brett Blume
May 17, 2018 - 3:09 pm



JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) -  During a speech in Jefferson City Thursday, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens vowed to "keep fighting".

It was the governor's first public appearance since the felony invasion of privacy case against him was dropped earlier this week.

He announced the restoration of funds for the state's biodiesel program, money Greitens withheld a year ago. 

As he spoke to FFA members and the public, the governor said no matter how painful it is he will fight for Missourians.

"We are going to step forward day after day after day," Greitens stressed. "We are going to continue in our mission to fight for the people of Missouri, to fight for the forgotten, and to do what is right."

The governor added that just as his fellow Navy Seals counted on him during a difficult training exercise, the people of Missouri are counting on him as well.

"And I want to let you know, no matter what they throw at me, no matter how painful they try to make it, no matter how much suffering they want to put me and my family through and my team through, I want you to know that when I look to my left I see you," Greitens said.

After his speech, Greitens took pictures with the crowd at the event that took place in a garden next to the Governor's Mansion.

Greitens' staff did their utmost to keep the media at bay.

The public appearance and speech came the day before the special session to consider impeaching Greitens is slated to begin.