Greitens' Attorneys Ask for Secret Meeting with Circuit Attorney

They wanted to tell Greitens' "human" side of his story

Brian Feldman
February 23, 2018 - 5:59 am
Governor Eric Greitens' mugshot

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - New this morning, the Circuit Attorney's Office says Governor Greitens' lawyers tried to set up a secret meeting so he could share the "human" side of his story. 

Shortly after news of the indictment broke, Governor Greitens attacked Kim Gardner and the Circuit Attorney's Office, calling the decision to indict him on felony invasion of privacy, a political decision.

Greitens is due in court March 16.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's office released a statement late Thursday night in wake of Governor Eric Greitens' criticism of the felony invasion of privacy charge against him.  The Missouri Governor called the decision to indict him "political" and "reckless".  His attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the charge.

At roughly 10:45pm CST, Kim Gardner's office responded:

The Circuit Attorney’s Office

City of St. Louis

Despite the Governor’s personal attacks, the Circuit Attorney believes the courtroom is the appropriate place to argue the facts, not the media. Kim Gardner maintains her unwavering confidence in our system of justice to bring this matter to a fair and just resolution.

The lawyers for Governor Greitens contacted the Circuit Attorney’s Office yesterday to meet for a “secret” meeting next week of counsel only. The Circuit Attorney asked if the Governor would be making a statement that is any different from his public statements.  His lawyers said they wanted to share the “human” side of his story.  The Circuit Attorney makes charging decisions based upon facts and evidence. Without additional facts and information from the Governor, the meeting was not necessary.

It is not unusual for the Circuit Attorney to conduct an independent investigation. There are many examples over the previous 15 years where the Circuit Attorney conducted Grand Jury investigations without the use of the police department.