Jury Box in the historic Mohave County Courthouse, Kingman, Arizona

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Greitens' Attorneys Prepare for Jury Selection

May 08, 2018 - 7:52 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - At this time Thursday morning the attorneys in the Eric Greitens case will be preparing to pick a jury for the trial.

What they won't be looking for, according to Neil Bruntrager of Bruntrager and Billings, are people who haven't heard about the case. What they will be looking for are people who will be able to decide the governor's guilt or innocence based solely on what they'll hear during the trial.

"I would expect people to ask whether or not you have read about this case, whether you have studied this case for social media, what your sources of information can be, because just that alone can tell you a great deal about the person"

Bruntrager says attorneys often hire consultants to help them ask the right questions.

Instead of expecting it to take one day, the judge has scheduled two days for the process and rather than inviting 50 prospective jurors, he's summoned 160.  Bruntrager says it may take up to a week.

“You make it or you break it in jury selection,” he says.