Gov. Eric Greitens speaks to media outside the St. Louis Civil Courts Building after the invasion of privacy of charge was dropped.


Greitens 'Humbled' By Pre-Trial Experience

Gov. Eric Greitens called the decision to drop a criminal charge against him "a great victory that has been a longtime coming."

May 14, 2018 - 6:17 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX/AP) - Gov. Eric Greitens walked down the steps of the Civil Courts Building in downtown St. Louis and said he was "a changed man," about an hour after the decision was made to drop an invasion of privacy charge against him. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office says they may choose to re-file the case, but the governor called the announcement "a great victory that has been a longtime coming."

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Here is a transcript of the full statement he made: 

"Today the prosecutor has dropped the false charges against me. This is a great victory and it has been a long time coming. This experience has been humbling and I have emerged from it a changed man. I think that in all of our lives we have to deal with pain. I think that if we work through it in the right way we can work through pain and find wisdom. In all of our lives we have to deal with suffering and if we deal with suffering in the right way we can emerge with strength. I also believe, as I think many people of faith do, that even in the hardest and most difficult situations we can find tremendous blessings. Above all I am sorry for the pain that this process and my actions have caused my family, my friends and the people of Missouri. I am also tremendously, tremendously grateful for the extraordinary courage and patience of family, and friends, and people of faith who have all recognized that in time comes the truth. We have a great mission before us and at this time I'd ask people of goodwill to come together so that all of us can continue to do good together. Thank you guys and God bless you."

The St. Louis circuit attorney's office abruptly dropped an invasion-of-privacy charge Monday against Greitens after the third day of jury selection for his trial.

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Prosecutors cited a decision by the judge to allow Greitens' attorneys to call Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner as a witness. Greitens' attorneys have accused a private attorney hired by Gardner of committing perjury.

Greitens appeared outside the courthouse afterward and made a brief statement denouncing the "false charges'' and apologizing "for the pain'' that his actions cause.

Prosecutors said they will make a decision later on whether to seek a special prosecutor or appoint someone to continue pursuing the case