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Head of Homicide Shares Hope for Future

February 12, 2018 - 10:50 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Last week KMOX brought you a series on the impact of gun violence on victims  this morning,  the head of homicide in the St Louis Police Department describes his hope for the future.

Lt John Green comes from a family of officers and says he always knew that's what he wanted to do.  From drugs to fights to abuse to death, he has seen it all.  And he realizes some hate police officers and others don't understand everything they go through.

"We're not factory made. We're not robots. We're just like you, from the community, and we see more. You don't see it, but we have to endure it," he says. 

And as an African American officer in a leadership position, he says he doesn't feel pressure from the perception some have of crime in the black community and who commits most of it.

"I'm not pressured because some of it's true. Most of our victims black males. Most of our suspects are black males. The black males not present in homes, we haven't had enough positive role model in these homes for black males, and we need them," he says. 

Still he says he approaches each day the same.

"I always have the mentality to try to make a difference, hoping that one day the rate will go down," he says. 

If you missed last week's series on the impact of gun violence by Megan Lynch and Carol Daniel, you can listen to each part at