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House Committee Says it will Continue Impeachment Investigation of Gov. Greitens

May 15, 2018 - 10:43 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - After Gov. Eric Greitens walked away from the courthouse, the Missouri legislature says it'll continue its separate investigation into whether the governor should be impeached.

Some of the legislatures have said the allegations of theft of a non-profits email address list was more significant, because there was corroborating evidence and that it included actions that continued to when Greitens took office as governor.

Just hours before the invasion of privacy charge was dropped, the house committee investigating the governor had indicted it was turning its attention to those email charges. The committee chair revealed they would subpoena records from the governor’s campaign organization, a secretly funded advocacy organization and testimony from his chief political advisor.

The invasion of privacy charge against Greitens was suddenly dropped, Monday. The surprise development came even as jury selection was moving along toward Wednesday's planned trial. 

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Earlier in the day, it was announced that the prosecutor still didn't have the picture at the heart of the charge and had abandoned all hope of getting it.  Prosecutor Kim Gardner never spoke, but a member of her team suggested the charge should be refiled by a special prosecutor.

Meantime Jim Bennett, one of Governor Greitens' attorneys, said they called to dismiss the charge a few hours prior to the circuit attorney's decision.

“The case could have proceeded if they were truly ready to go, but rather than answer questions about what happened here, they dismissed it. The case was going nowhere, there was no evidence to support any of the elements,” he says.  

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's office said in a statement that the Greitens team used a "tactic" to call Gardner as a witness.

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Greitens' lawyers wanted Gardner to talk about the allegations of perjury at the hands of the former chief investigator, William Tisaby. They're also hoping to get the computer tampering charge, related to the Mission Continues donor list, dropped as well.