See and hear Hurricane Florence coverage with WINS reporter Al Jones

Al Jones and his producer Ryan Jones are in Wilmington, NC

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September 13, 2018 - 9:37 am
Wilmington North Carolina before Hurricane Florence

Ryan Jones/WINS


Wilmington, North Carolina is bracing for Hurricane Florence. Many homes and businesses are boarded up and much of the population along the coast of North Carolina has evacuated.

1010 WINS reporter Al Jones is still in Wilmington, along with his producer Ryan Jones. Here's what happened when they tried to go to a local grocery store Thursday morning:

Meanwhile, Al Jones had some time to talk to KMOX about what he's seeing along the North Carolina coast.

Hurricane Florence dropped to a Category 2 storm Thursday morning, but still packs winds of about 110 mph and it actually grew in size overnight, increasing local concerns in the Carolinas for major flooding.

The National Weather Service expects Florence to hang off the coast of North Carolina and make landfall Friday in either North or South Carolina. From there, it's believed Florence will continue west into South Carolina, turn northwest into Tennessee on Sunday, then head into the Ohio Valley, where by then it should weaken into a depression by early next week.