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IL Agency says Homeopathic Pendants may be Radioactive

Testing detected thorium and uranium

May 15, 2018 - 10:05 pm

Springfield, IL  (KMOX) - Illinois officials are warning consumers that some necklaces sold as "homeopathic"may contain radioactive materials.

"If people decided that they still want to keep wearing these and we're not saying that they can't," says Patti Thompson with the Illnois Emergency Management Agency, "but if they do recognize that it has a low level of radiation and they want to continue wearing them, we do recommend that they either limit the time that they're in contact with the pendant or wear the pendant over clothing instead of directly on the skin."  The agency says analysis of a pendant determined it contained trace amounts of thorium and uranium.

The agency says those are naturally occurring radioactive materials found in volcanic rock and certain sands.

The pendants are often advertised as using negative ion technology and are sold as "Quantum Pendants" or "Scalar Energy Pendants".