Medical marijuana in large jar at a legal marijuana dispensary.

Illinois Study Shows Increased Marijuana Use in Schools

June 13, 2018 - 7:23 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - As Illinois legislators continue talking about legalizing the adult use of recreational marijuana, a new study is out on pot use in schools.

Illinois Sheriff's Association executive director Jim Kaitschuk says an independent survey of School Resource officers across the state showed 58 percent of drug incidents in schools involved marijuana use.

He calls that number "alarming".

“Number one it’s currently illegal, that’s very dangerous for children to sell and utilize these [products] in our opinion, and we certainly don’t want to see kids doing these types of activities in their formative years,” he says.  

Kaitshuck says he sees no merit in the argument that legalizing medical pot will wipe out the black market demand.

“I don’t agree with that I think the black market is still going to exist because not everybody is going to be of age, for example, to obtain marijuana,” he says.

Thirty percent of the officers surveyed said they believe there's been an increase in marijuana incident in schools over the past five years. Fifty-four percent indicated "no change".