Mother spraying insect or mosquito repellents on skin girl, mosquito repellent for babies, toddlers that will protect your children from mosquitoes and other insects.

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Insect-Borne Diseases Triple Over Last 10 years

May 04, 2018 - 8:43 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Diseases from mosquitoes, ticks and flea bites rose noticeably in the United States over the past ten years, almost tripled.  

Part of the reason, says family medicine specialist Dr. Jennifer Wessels with SSM Health St. Louis, is we live in a smaller world these days.

“A lot of scientists look now t the mobility of our citizens. We are on airplanes, flying to different areas of the country more and more or flying between various foreign countries more and more, and that brings with it other viruses and other illnesses," she says.

With tick bites already being seen this spring, Wessels says we need to try to avoid wooded areas, keep your skin covered, wear repellent with deet and dispose of any standing water around your property.

Dr. Wessels says she's seen an increase in Lyme disease and Heartland Virus cases in the St. Louis area.