Man covers his ears.


It's The New 'Gold Dress' Debate: Do You Hear Yanny Or Laurel?

The truth is, everyone is right.

May 16, 2018 - 11:26 am

It is the newest debate to take over the internet, just like the "gold dress" debate. This time it has to do with something you can hear, not see.

It is a robotic voice saying a two-syllable word. But is that word "Yanny" or "Laurel?" Listen for yourself:

The social media word is split down the middle some people like Ellen DeGeneres says she hears "Laurel" but J.J. Watt says he is hearing "Yanny."

Well the truth is, everyone is right.

An audio expert was one of the many people who have uncovered the truth. 

He used spectrum analysis on his Adobe Audition program to discover that it is actually two pieces of audio – played with different frequencies – that have been overlapped. When low frequency is removed you hear "Yanny" and if you take out high frequencies then you'll hear "Laurel."

Even if you're not an audio expert, you'll still probably just hear one or the other because adults tend to start losing their hearing at higher frequency as they age. 

But sometimes it's just that your brain is more used to hearing one over the other. So, if you have a friend named Laurel, then your bring might be recoginizing that sound over the other.