St. Louis Cardinals pitchers Bud Norris and Jordan Hicks.

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McClellan: Nothing Wrong With Bud Norris 'Investing' In Jordan Hicks

National media and fans have run with a story about Bud Norris "bullying" the rookie pitcher.

July 13, 2018 - 8:26 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - It was an off day for the St. Louis Cardinals Thursday, but the fans of Cardinals Nation were kept busy after a story about the relationship between the two best arms in St. Louis' bullpen went national. Websites like Deadspin, Yahoo Sports, NBC Sports and others jumped on an article by Mark Saxon of The Athletic which described Bud Norris as "mercilessly riding" and "badgering" his teammate Jordan Hicks. 

Our baseball insider Kyle McClellan, who pitched for St. Louis from 2008-2012, gave his opinion on the issue, with a personal account:

"You have to learn how to be a professional and I learned a ton from Chris Carpenter," McClellan says. "Chris Carpenter was hard on me because he expected me to be a professional. And it took me a while to learn what being a professional means and how to go about it." 

Hicks, a 21-year-old with a 104-MPH fastball responded on Twitter to the the fans and media members who blew the story out of proportion. He said: "crazy what the media will do when they think there is a story." 

McClellan joined KMOX's Chris Hrabe on Thursday night's Sports Open Line to talk about his experiences as a young reliever in a MLB bullpen. 

"You've got to remember (last year) Jordan Hicks was in low-A, this is a pretty big jump, there's a lot of lessons that he did not learn through that time," McClellan says. "And so you have these guys who make sure you do things right." 

He recalled a Cardinals clubhouse from "a few seasons ago" that didn't have its younger players taking to the veteran leadership. 

"It led to a tough clubhouse. Your best clubhouse is the one where the veterans are in charge, they're the leaders of it and the young guys are kind of under them and learning how to go about it," McClellan says.