Pamela Hupp's mugshot after alleged suicide attempt with ink pen.

(Police photo) KMOX

Judge Denies Pam Hupp Trial Requests

June 20, 2018 - 9:32 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A judge in St. Charles County denies requests from accused killer Pam Hupp, requests that might have made her murder trial easier.

Earlier this month, at a pretrial hearing, Hupp's lawyers asked the judge to not allow a woman to testify who claims Hupp tried to trick her into taping a 911 call for NBC News Dateline, the same ruse she's accused of using to murder Lewis Gumpenburger. The judge says the woman can testify.

 Also, Hupp's lawyers wanted to exclude statements she made to police before she was considered a suspect. The judge says it all goes in. The decision could put renewed pressure on Hupp to consider a plea bargain to avoid a September trial that if she loses could lead to the death penalty.