Judge Issues Gag Order In Greitens Case

Order comes down after "dream" leak.

Kevin Killeen
April 10, 2018 - 4:40 pm

Kevin Killeen/KMOX


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - No more talking about the case in public. Period.

The judge in the upcoming trial of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens tells lawyers for both sides they risk tainting the jury pool.

The order comes a day after the "dream" leak -- reports that the governor's former lover may have "dreamed" about seeing a cell phone camera the day of the alleged blackmail photo, rather than actually seeing it.

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Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who had requested the gag order, left the court room with a Mona Lisa smile, but refused to take questions from reporters.

Greitens' attorneys -- Jim Martin and Jack Garvey -- left the court house buttoned up and not talking.

During the hearing, Greitens' lawyers asked him to extend the gag order to the House committee preparing to release its findings about the same allegations.

But Burlison refused.

"The legislature has their powers and I have to hope that consideration is being given to any defendant's rights to have a fair trial before an impartial jury," Burlison said. "I am assuming they are weighing that west of here. A phone call from me shouldn't be necessary."

Martin then raised concerns about whether the governor would be able to speak in his defense after the House committee report comes out.

"If we do not convince you to make the order to the House committee, is it your position the governor will be unable to respond?" Martin asked the judge.

"I'm taking no position on that," Judge Rex Burlison responded.

The judge's answer seemed to give the governor wiggle room to respond to the House report, so long as he doesn't talk about the related case in St. Louis.

The gag order comes down one month before jury selection. On May 10 and 11, the judge plans to call in 80 prospective jurors each day in search of a dozen both sides agree can give Greitens a fair trial.

Greitens is charged with felony invasion of privacy, accused of taking and transmitting a compromising photo of his lover without her permission.