screenshot or homepage, courthouse and menu Roach Helps Citizens Understand Judicial System in Missouri

April 25, 2018 - 10:09 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A Missouri man is trying to change the way people learn about the judicial branch of government.

Kevin Roach recently launched ‘’ It's a website that lists every judge at every level, from municipal to federal. He says it's important to know everything you can about every level of government -- and this is the first step.

“We need to understand the judicial branch and it’s a little bit of a maze. People don’t know how many judges there actually are and I think when you put all of them on one list, you can start to investigate and discover and learn for yourself,” he says.

Right now Judgebook only lists Missouri judges, but Roach is confident it will expand to all states and U.S. territories -- he's already working on it, and he's launched a Go Fund Me to help with costs.

Roach says he had to file Freedom of Information Act requests to get some judges names -- and it shouldn't be that way.

“This is just an example of the burdensome hurdles that tax payers and citizens have to go through to get information, and rather than having them burdened with that, we submitted the Freedom of Information requests,” he says.