President Donald Trump is seen through the window of the Oval Office as he delivers a primetime address on the government shutdown

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KMOX Followers: Government Shutdown Isn't Really Affecting Us

We posted the question on our social media accounts and a large majority of the answers were that this shutdown isn't really affecting your life.

January 11, 2019 - 10:35 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - As of Friday, the U.S. government has been partially shutdown for 21 days. Some 800,000 workers nation-wide will not receive a paycheck today, but a large majority of the commenters on the KMOX social accounts say they're not feeling the affects of the shutdown. 

On Wednesday, KMOX posted the question, "How is the government shutdown affecting you?" on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The consensus was the affects on everyday life have been few and far between since the shutdown began on Dec. 22. A few of the comments were "no headaches," "Not hurting me at all," and "Shut Down?" 

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Take a look at the comments for youself and feel free to join in on the conversation (please, just keep it civil):

The shutdown matches the longest stoppage yet: a 21-day closure that ended Jan. 6, 1996, during President Bill Clinton's administration.

Financial pain hits some 800,000 federal workers who will not receive paychecks they were due on Friday.

President Donald Trump holds a White House round-table on "border security and safe communities" with state, local and community leaders as he continues to highlight his rationale for insisting that a wall be built on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cities with economies tied to federal spending are showing signs of strain. One is Huntsville, Alabama , where about 70 federal agencies are located at the Army's Redstone Arsenal: Hotel rooms are vacant because out-of-town government workers and contractors aren't coming, restaurants frequented by federal workers are struggling, parking lots are empty and offices at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center are dark.

Federal cleanups at Superfund sites around the nation have been suspended.