St. Louis Lambert International Airport

Lambert Airport Crews Working To Keep Planes in Air

About two-dozen departures cancelled so far

November 15, 2018 - 7:40 am

St. Louis Lambert International Airport was ready for today's snow.

"We have seen 24 departures canceled, and that's all the way up to 11 a.m.," said Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebrugge on Total Information A.M. "We have about 20 inbound arrivals that have canceled."

Hamm-Niebrugge credits the crew at the airport for keeping those numbers down.

"Crews started at 10:30 and worked through the night," Hamm-Niebrugge said. "The runways were we closed one, we opened another. Airlines are doing a lot of de-icing, but things are moving!"

She also reminds people that airlines have the final say on cancellations.

"They take a look at how long de-icing will take and if can they handle gate activity if there are multiple delays."

So far, no departures or arrivals are cancelled yet for this afternoon. Hamm-Niebrugge says check with your airline first before heading to the airport, preferably your airline's website or

Here's the complete conversation with Hamm-Niebrugge: