Documentary poster for Last Chance U season 3.

(Courtesy of Netflix)

Last Chance U Season 3 Features New School, Same Characters

Looks like we've got another former FSU quarterback, an intense, bald head coach and a hilarious academic voice of reason.

June 20, 2018 - 2:25 pm

The trailer is out for season three of "Last Chance U" – the Netflix documentary series which highlighted the dominance of East Mississippi Community College. But this time we'll meet a new cast of characters from a new school. 

This season will be about Independence Community College in Kansas. 

Head coach Jason Brown

The head coach is "straight outta Compton" and seems to be just as abrasive and demanding as Buddy Stephens was as East Mississippi. 

Ultra talented, but troubled QB

Meet Malik Henry, the former Florida State recruit who was the crown jewel of the Seminoles 2016 recruiting class. He was suspened from the FSU football team for "a violation of team rules" and never made an appearance in uniform. But he found his was to Independence, Kansas and apparently he really doesn't want to be there saying, "I'm better than this." 

Ms. Pinkard is the freight train, "so move"

Independence's English teacher will be the academic voice of reason in this year's documentary. She's obviously not falling for any of the football players' foolishness and called herself a train headed towards a train wreck. Not sure what exactly she's talking about, but we can wait to find out.