LouFest claims music vendor sabotaged festival in lawsuit

You may remember LouFest partially blamed media interviews for the festival being canceled

Michael Calhoun
February 21, 2019 - 9:18 am

Michael Calhoun/KMOX


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — There's a new lawsuit related to Lou-Fest, the popular music festival that was canceled last year at the very last minute.

It's LouFest's parent, Listen Live Entertainment, suing a local sound and lighting company, claiming Logic Systems tried to sabotoge LouFest and then swoop in to take over.

You'll recall Logic Systems was among those who did interviews a week before the festival, claiming they hadn't been paid and the festival was not going to be ready to go.

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LouFest denied those claims at the time, but then wound up canceling the festival days later with a written statement, blaming those media interviews in part.

This lawsuit says Logic Systems' people spread false information in those interviews, and then went behind the scenes to trash the festival to talent agents, tried to intercept some of LouFest's investment, and then tried to take their dates in Forest Park.

Logic Systems, meantime, calls this a frivolous legal maneuver.  They've already sued LouFest to try and get money they say they're owed.

Mike Van Hee of LouFest says he's working to rebuild the festival for years to come.

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