BRENNAN: St. Louis is Fast, Really Fast

Colleen Quigley is making her mark on the national running scene and a super-mom ran her first marathon in just over 3 hours.

Charlie Brennan
September 14, 2018 - 8:06 am
Colleen Quigley reacts after competing during the women s 3000m steeplechase

(James Lang-USA TODAY Sports)


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Congrats to St. Louis native and Olympian Colleen Quigley who captured 2nd place in New York’s 5th Avenue Mile on Sunday.  She ran a blistering 4:20 mile, just one second behind Jennie Simpson.  It was a big improvement over last year when Quigley finished 8th.  

The NBC announcers Leigh Diffey and Craig Masback, who pointed out Quigley is from St. Louis, gave their audience a call as exciting as Jim McKay’s work when Dave Wottle won the 800 in the 1972 Munich Olympics. 

On Monday, Colleen told Amy Marxkors and me, “This race is so crazy.  It is slightly downhill from start to finish.  (It) feels like you are flat-out sprinting off the starting line, an unsustainable pace. I thought I would never make it to the finish line and would die on my way there!” 

She also said the rain made for a slippery surface and the runners were not wearing spikes.  “I definitely got the sensation that by trying to kick it into high gear and push off, the ground would slip from underneath me.  I definitely didn’t want 'face planting' on 5th Avenue.”

In New York, Quigley wore the Nike Streak LT.  The week before, she won the 3000-meter Steeplechase at the ISTAF Berlin, setting the third best time EVER by an American woman. 

Ms. Quigley represented the U.S. in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and has her eye on the 2020 Tokyo Games.  She attended Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves where her dad, Gaylord, is the Cross Country and Track coach. 

You can hear Monday’s interview with Quigley here (about 21:00):

Speaking of local athletic greatness, 38-year-old Noa Hefer, a mother of three,  ran her first marathon (26 miles, 385 yards) this weekend in Geneva Illinois … and won it in 3:07:02 (that’s in hours, minutes, seconds)!  Hefer, a Brand Manager in St. Louis at Nestle Purina North America, is a native of Israel.