REARDON: The Republic Will Survive - Even This

"[M]aybe I shouldn’t offer this advice for my friends on the other side, but you need to chill."

Mark Reardon
July 20, 2018 - 2:30 pm
At the White House, President Donald Trump announces his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court of the United States.

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I’m genuinely concerned for my friends on the left — more specifically about their mental well-being. TDS is real, and I don’t think there are any medications to reduce or eliminate the condition.

What is TDS? — Trump Derangement Syndrome. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky discussed it this week, and said it was even infecting members of the upper chamber, saying, "The hatred for the president is so intense that partisans would rather risk war than give diplomacy a chance."

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Even Chris Cilizza at CNN wrote about it this week…although he was mainly poking fun at the notion that it even exists.

But the bottom line is that not only does it exist, but for the most vocal opponents of the president, it’s getting worse. I’ve never been a fan of Trump. I didn’t vote for him (I wrote in a friend’s name in WI because I promise I would do it), and I thought his performance in Helsinki was abysmal. He’s narcissistic beyond any previous definition of that word. But this silly claim that what he did was “treasonous” is making the left look even more hysterical and it’s not productive. The Republic will survive…even this. You can take issue with the president without becoming unhinged -- can’t you?

I certainly have, and maybe I shouldn’t offer this advice for my friends on the other side, but you need to chill. Mainly because it’s gonna backfire, and I don’t think you realize that right now.

The Atlantic’s Danielle Pletka called Trump’s summit performance “dreadful," but also wrote this:

“…he will do some damage—which is to be expected, as our last few presidents have also done some damage. Maybe he will do more. But he can also do some good. He is not the anti-Christ, any more than Barack Obama was a Muslim, or Hillary Clinton was trafficking in children. Frothing conspiracy theories about Trump only drag everyone into that world. Nonstop outrage is exhausting and counterproductive.

Perhaps Twitter has dragged us all away from the considered responses this presidency requires. Perhaps Trump is driving us all mad. But it’s time to get a grip.”

TDS will drive you mad — and there is no cure — unless you take a deep breath, and as Pletka says, “get a grip."