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Metrolink Opens New Cortex Station

July 31, 2018 - 10:50 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Later this morning, they'll cut the ribbon in Cortex on a brand-new Metrolink station, which will then drop off passengers for the first time.

But how much of a boost will the stop give the innovation district? And don't forget about surrounding areas that also now basically get a Metrolink stop, like The Grove and Forest Park Southeast.

Jason Braidwood knows both Cortex and The Grove pretty well. His firm, the Koman Group, developed Chroma, on Manchester, in the middle of its bars, restaurants and shops. They own more land there to expand.

“There is no question that there is substantially more demand for within 1-70 and certainly more demand for inside of Kingshighway for office tenants. For large firms, for small firms, for anyone trying to have a little bit of atmosphere to attract the right kinds of employees,” he says.   

Braidwood says Cortex is turning heads for of all kinds of companies, in all parts of the region.

“Everyone wants to have that little bit of an edge so they can attract the creative sets and the great graduates and keep them here,” he says.

And while St. Louis developers have traditionally not gravitated toward Metrolink stations, Braidwood hopes Cortex shows off the value.

The entrance to the area is already transformed, with Chroma, a four story modern apartment building that's just been finished. 

“Despite the fact that St. Louis is a pretty easy town to get around, to me it’s just convenience, period. We’re just catching up on the fact that there is great housing with great entertainment corridors and great neighborhoods to raise families that are also close to your work,” Braidwood says.