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Microsoft Expands into Cortex, Looks to Grow Workforce, Economy

May 14, 2018 - 10:43 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Microsoft isn't just moving from the suburbs in the city. It hopes to move the St. Louis economy into the future too.

The tech giant plans to double its area workforce as it moves from Creve Coeur to Cortex.

“This is the new home of Microdot. This is three times the space we had in Creve Coeur,” says Regional manager Adem Sefa.

Sefa says much of the new space will be in the form of a Microsoft Technology Center, which basically means customers and the community get to play with the newest toys

“Customers can come to us with an idea for a deal or a transformation, and we can range from mocking up examples such as holograms in surgery, we’re working very closely with St. Jude to analyze data to create something called genome mapping which could cure cancer, really, so customers come to us with problems,” he says.

One of the reasons Microsoft is expanding is because of the big corporate clients in town, but Sefa says the company's cloud and artificial intelligence products help start-ups compete with those big companies.

He says the era of big eats small is over. Now it's fast eats big.