Jones Typewriter Co in Maplewood

(Courtesy of Jones Typerwriter Co.)

Maplewood Typewriter Repairman Sees New Business Boom Thanks to Millennials

Business for a 76-year-old typewriter repairman in Maplewood isn't slowing down. 

October 05, 2018 - 8:27 am

MAPLEWOOD, Mo (KMOX) - A local typewriter repairman says old typewriters appear to have found a new fan base – it's millennials.

Vernon Jones, 76, of Jones Typewriter in Maplewood says millennials have been buying typewriters to send notes to friends, when they find text messaging too impersonal.

"As a matter of fact, lots of the 20- to 30-aged (millennials)," Jones says. "I had one kid come in and he's texting somebody on his cell phone and he hangs up and I said, 'Can I help you?'

"And he says, 'I'm looking for a typewriter.'

"So, O.K. what do you need it for?

"He says, 'I want to send my friends notes.'

"I just saw you sending them a note.

"He says, 'We yeah, but that's not personal.'"

A recent Washington Post article reports the same thing is happening at one New York City shop (it's also thanks to Tom Hanks, who quite the collection of typewriters, as told by the Post). Millennials are snapping up old typewriters.

The typical cost for a refurbished typewriter can vary between $75-$500. 

We asked Jones what the future is for him and the typewriter business, he says he's been looking to hang it up and retire, but can't find anyone to take over the business that isn't slowing down. 

Jones Typewriter Repair is located at 3530 Greenwood Blvd in Maplewood, just down from Foley's Bar.