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Mississippi River will drop from major flood stage for first time since April

Flood waters are finally receding after rivers reached the second-highest crests in recorded history in the St. Louis area

June 18, 2019 - 9:46 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The floodwaters are finally dropping, but not the rain chance of rain in the area. Severe storms are possible on Wednesday, with more rain coming into next week, but the fact that those rain-producing stroms are going to hit on top of St. Louis is actually some good news.

National Weather Service (NWS) Hydrologist Mark Fuchs says if the rain was falling 100-200 miles north of St. Louis, then that would make a big difference as that water adds to the already high rivers. He says it was simliar to what we saw in the Great Flood of 1993, where rain continued to fall every few days after the major floods. 

Fuches says the rivers are not expected to crest again, but the the situation will be evolving as two to three inches of rain will fall in some areas over the next five to seven days.

Despite that forecast, the Mississippi River is expected to finally drop below major flood stage at Alton today and at Grafton on Thursday. It's precited to fall into minor flood stage in Alton on Sunday, but not until June 28th in Grafton. 

Since early May, the NWS in St. Louis was reporting the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois Rivers to be at major flood stage in areas from Quincy, Ill. though St. Louis and down to Chester, Ill. And those areas were in moderate or minor flood stages since March and April. 

Last night, Grafton Mayor Rick Eberlin told business owners that dozens of volunteers will be in town this weekend to help them begin cleanup. He says they hope to have most of it done in a couple of days and be ready for tourists for the 4th of July. 

Meanwhile, today is the last day the National Guard will be flood duty in Alton, as local authorities will take over patrolling the saturated levees. 

The checkpoints that limited access to Bluff Road in Monroe County have been disbanded, but the bottoms are still only open to local residents with the required pass and Sheriff's Deputies have increased patrols there. 

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