AG Hawley Sues The Offsets Owners After Drowning Deaths

Nine people have died at The Offsets -- two just since this 4th of July.

July 30, 2018 - 5:45 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Missouri's Attorney General says a Madison County quarry-turned-swimming hole is too dangerous, and he's suing to force changes.

Attorney General Josh Hawley is suing the owners of The Offsets in the Mine La Motte area north of Fredericktown, Mo. He's asking a judge to close the site until the owners address safety concerns. 

Hawley's office says at least nine people have died at the swimming hole. Most recently, 21-year-old Safion Livingston of St. Louis drowned in the quarry July 13. Nineteen-year-old Cole Duffell of Chesterfield drowned July 4 after jumping into the quarry. 

Hawley says it's inherently dangerous to jump into the water from 40-foot bluffs, and he contends there aren't enough warnings on site and the company isn't doing enough to keep people safe.

The lawsuit alleges the owners have not hired a lifeguard, put lifesaving equipment near the bluffs surrounding the quarry, or posted appropriate warnings.