Missouri Senator Roy Blunt calls border wall compromise "adequate"

He notes that "compromise" means nobody gets everything they want

Brad Choat
February 13, 2019 - 9:38 am

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WASHINGTON (KMOX) — Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt seems fine with the nearly $1.4 billion amount of funding for a southern border wall.

That's despite the fact that the compomise he helped negotiate with Democrats to avoid another government shutdown is far less than what President Donald Trump wanted.  

"We can have a fight here about how much is the perfect amount of money or we can settle on this for now and help the President find other money that can be repurposed and used," Blunt stated to KMOX's Mark Reardon Tuesday.

Blunt says he'll back the president on whatever decision he makes... sign it or decline it.

Republicans are reportedly pushing for the President Trump to sign the compromise, even though he's expressed displeasure with it.

Blunt agrees that he wishes they could have gotten more, but notes that "compromise" means nobody gets everything they want. 

"It's not what I would have like to have had, or the President, but let's see what he says."

Blunt says the nearly $1.4 billion for a "see-through" physical barrier is adequate.

Listen to his full conversation with Mark Reardon here:

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