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Sterk Blindsided by Extent of NCAA Punishments After Mizzou Showed 'Exemplary Cooperation'

The Mizzou athletic director joined KMOX to describe why these sanctions from the NCAA are so unprecedented

February 04, 2019 - 9:45 am

The sactions brought down by the NCAA against the University of Missouri were a blindside hit for athletic director Jim Sterk and his staff. He explained on KMOX how the school had done its own investigation and found there was a "rogue, part-time" tutor who did the work of some of its athletes. Sterk says they brought those findings to the attention of the NCAA early last summer and told they were showing "exemplary cooperation," but still Mizzou was given an unprecedented and heavy-handed punishment.

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He says Mizzou was expecting probation and figured they would have to vacate a few wins from the football, baseball and softball programs, but "nothing to the extent of what they issued."

"We did everything right," Sterk says. "Once we learned of the violations of a part-time tudor, she told her supervisor, so we immediately suspended her and we started an investigation ourselves and brought in the NCAA, the SEC."

Sterk also described some of the next few steps in their appeal process, which he believes could last anywhere from a few months to up to a year. The punishments won't be in effect while the appeal process is ongoing, meaning the baseball and softball teams can compete in the postseason this spring and the football team may be able to play in a bowl game if the appeal does last longer than expected.

You can listen to the full conversation our Mike Kelly had with Sterk on Sports on a Sunday Morning, beginning at the 7:00 mark in the audio below: