Missouri Tigers quarterback Drew Lock (3) celebrates

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Odom on Mizzou Bowl Game Projections, Never a Doubt Drew Lock Would Play

Odom was a guest on KMOX's Sports on a Sunday Morning with our Mike Kelly, you can hear their full conversation here.

November 26, 2018 - 11:21 am

Where and when Mizzou football plays its final game this year won't be determined until college football's seleciton Sunday, this weekend. But what we do know after Mizzou's 8-4 season, finishing just two spots outside of the AP top-25 rankings and ending on a four-game win streak, is that senior quarterback Drew Lock won't be skipping the bowl game and head coach Barry Odom doesn't care where that game is played.

Odom was a guest on KMOX's Sports on a Sunday Morning with our Mike Kelly, you can hear their full conversation below: 

After Mizzou's 38-0 win against Arkansas on Friday, Lock was asked by media if he has any plans to skip the bowl, as some high-profile college players have done in past years to prepare for the NFL Draft. Lock said the thought never ever crossed his mind and his head coach was just as surprised by the question.

"He cares so much about this team and the guys who give him the opportunity to play the position of quarterback," Odom says. "He's gonna go play his best game wherever we end up."

And where might that be? First, to explain the selection process: The SEC gets six games to send a team to a bowl game: Belk (Dec. 29, Charlotte, N.C.), Gator (Dec. 31, Jacksonville, Fla.), Liberty (Dec. 31, Memphis), Music City (Dec. 28, Nashville, Tenn.), Outback (Jan. 1, Tampa, Fla.) and Texas (Dec. 27, Houston). Depending on how many SEC teams are in the "New Year's Six" bowls, the SEC will select the best of the remaining teams to play in each of their six bowl games, based on a team's proximity, possible matchup and ticket sales. 

The Citrus Bowl (Jan. 1, Orlando, Fla.) will get the first choice of SEC schools after the "New Year's Six" bowls are selected and Mizzou probably won't have much of a shot to be in that game, with seven SEC schools ranked above them in the AP top-25: Alabama (1), Georgia (4), Florida (11), LSU (tie-12), Kentucky (16), Mississippi (20) and Texas A&M (22).

Mizzou has been rumored to be in the Gator Bowl against Michigan State or Wisconsin, Liberty Bowl against Oklahoma State and Music City Bowl against North Carolina State by sites like Sports Illustrated, ESPN and CBS Sports.

But what does Odom want?

"If we could predict the weather than I would care, but we can't do that," Odom says. 

Sounds like the Gator or Outback bowls in Florida would be Odom's pick. 

On Sunday after the interview with Odom on KMOX, reports came out that Odom was rumored to have "mutual interest" as the next head coach of the Louisville Cardinals in the ACC. Odom, 42, is the lowest paid coach in the SEC with a salary of $2.35 million. Also in the report from 247Sports.com is Ohio State offensive coordinator Ryan Day, Cincinnati coach Luck Fickell, Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield and Troy’s Neal Brown as Louisville targets.

Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou.com reported Monday afternoon, Odom has "zero interest" in the Louisville job.