Missouri Tigers quarterback Drew Lock

(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

Lock Chose Experience Over NFL Cash, New OC Dooley Provides Knowledge

July 09, 2018 - 12:56 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Drew Lock believes his final year of college football will be worth more than any NFL contract or signing bonus that was possibly ahead of him after his junior season.

Lock wanted another year before taking the irreversible jump to pro football. But not just another year of shotgun, spread offense at Missouri, he was looking to gain more knowledge about football before turning pro. And new offensive coordinator Derek Dooley is providing it.

"He is a very, very smart person. You could pick up on it just from conversations we were having over the phone," Lock says. "He thinks through pretty much everything. We'll bring a play to him or talk about a play and his first thought is what could possibly go wrong on this play, what could they do to really screw this play up? And I just think that's a little different mind set then what I've been taught since I've been here."

Dooley was annouced as the new offensive coordinator of the Tiger on January 5, four days later Lock announced that he was returning for his senior season. Dooley was the wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys from 2013-2017, which was his second coaching stint in the NFL. He has also been a head coach at Tennessee and Louisiana Tech, and has been a position coach with the Miami Dolphins, LSU and SMU. 

Lock described him as "one of the cooler guys I've been around." 

"Very relaxed, has a ton of stories for ya which makes things awesome," Lock says. "He can pound ball and talk football, football football, but he definitely makes things light, tells stories, talks about where a bunch of these things we're learning originally came from. Because when you've been in the NFL that long you learn a lot of the smaller things from back in the day about how football originally started, which is really cool."

Lock has described himself as a NFL-ready passer, but not quite a professional quarter back, meaning that he isn't mentally prepared enough yet. He hopes playing under Dooley for a season, taking more snaps from under center and learning a much larger playbook will help him at the next level. 

He joined our Mike Kelly during Sports on a Sunday Morning this weekend and they talked about that decision to stay for one more year of college. 

"I love to play the sport of football and being able to get paid a decent amount of money to play football is awesome," Lock says. "But coming back here, being with some of my best friends, having experiences that I wouldn't have been able to necessairly have by going pro, it's going to make up for not making money."

Next up for Lock will be SEC Media Day, which this year will be held at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta from July 16-19.