A passing rain storm leaves clouds in the blue sky as it passes by a Wisconsin Dairy farm in summer. The corn in the field is green and tall and will be used as silage for the cows in the barn during the winter. Nice rural landscape from the American midw

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Mo. Farm Bureau Asks for Federal Aid Amid Worsening Drought

July 20, 2018 - 9:42 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The president of the Missouri Farm Bureau is seeking federal aid to help with the state's deepening drought.

Blake Hurst is asking for permission to dip into Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP croplands, to provide desperate cattle farmers with feed for their stocks. He says time is of the essence.

“People have grass on that CRP grounds that would make good hay, but it’s literally burning up as we speak. Every day of 90 degree weather with no rain it drops in quality,” he says.

No word on how soon the USDA might act on the CRP request.

Governor Mike Parson declared a drought alert this week after learning that 47 Missouri counties are experiencing drought.

“The trouble with drought like this is one rain doesn’t fix it, in other words you get so far, you have such a big deficit in moisture that you just have to see a total change in the weather patterns and two or three weeks or two or three months of good rain,” Hurst says.