Mo Supreme Court Allows Search of Kim Gardner's Office

Special prosecutor seeking evidence of perjury in Eric Greitens case

Kevin Killeen
April 09, 2019 - 5:44 pm

ST. LOUIS-(KMOX)--The Missouri Supreme Court clears the way for police to search Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's office, looking for evidence of perjury in the Eric Greiten's case.  

The high court denied Gardner's request to continue blocking police from executing a search warrant. She wanted an extension of a stay order that has been in effect since February 13. Gardner had argued the search warrant is too broad and would allow police to go on a fishing expedition of her computer files. 

But the special proscutor had his own argument--that that time is slipping by, and he can only keep the special grand jury seated for so long. 

The decision means police can now knock on the door, walk in and get evidence to show whether Kim Gardner's office committed perjury during a deposition in the Greitens case. 

A spokesman for Gardner declined to comment, citing a gag order by the local judge in the case.

St. Louis Police also declined to comment on the case.

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