MoDOT Concerned About Trucks Being Hit

Three trucks have been hit this month alone

Brett Blume
January 10, 2019 - 8:52 am
MoDOT truck crash

Photo supplied/MoDOT St. Louis


ST. LOUIS, Mo (KMOX) — MoDOT has a bit of a crisis on its hands in early 2019 -- people keep slamming into their vehicles.

An accident at I-255 and Telegraph Wednesday was the third one since the year began.

Nobody's been badly hurt but MoDOT District Maintenance Engineer Bob Becker is concerned about this recent trend.

"As part of our daily operations, it's that or shutdown lanes," Becker told KMOX's Brett Blume. "And we don't want to do that when we're going to be out there a short period of time."

He says it's crucial that drivers pay extra attention, especially with snow in the forecast for this weekend and MoDOT plow trucks expected to be out in force. 

"It's got its lights on, but it's only moving 5-10 mph, and the driver (of the car) is going 60-70 mph, so they don't realize how fast they're going to come up on that vehicle. And by the time they realize, it's too late."

No major injuries were reported in Wednesday's crash.