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Moms Demand Action See "Enormous" Growth After Parkland Shooting

April 05, 2018 - 10:09 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A couple of months ago the pro-gun-control group Moms Demand Action would draw a couple hundred to their monthly meeting, tonight they're expected to draw over one thousand, for the second month in a row.

St. Louis Co-Leader Jessica Risenhoover says the growth seen here since Parkland can be seen across Missouri, where the number of chapters has grown from 6 to 16.

"That’s not just an area like Kansas City, that’s also in Merryville, and that’s in Joplin, We are just seeing enormous growth in Moms Demand Action because people are energized and they do want change," she says.

Risenhoover says the members are also more engaged, calling legislators and taking part in events and protests.

Tonight's meeting is at 7 at Kirkwood Baptist Church.