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Mother Uses Grief to Help Other Murder Victims

February 12, 2018 - 6:00 am

Granite City, IL (KMOX) - Last week on KMOX you heard about the impact of gun violence on victims in our series "Open Wounds". 

Today, we tell you about one mother who has channelled her grief into work helping other families.

"October 24, 1987, our oldest son Todd became the first victims of the highway snipings."  Annette Zezoff says her son, Todd Scrum, was shot in the head by a passing car while he drove along Interstate 270 in Illinois. 

"The shooter actually had picked up his girlfriend and they went over to another couple's house.  There were three couples there and he was bragging about how he'd just blown this guy away."  Gene Arnett was ultimately convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.   It was one in a series of random highway shootings in the St. Louis area at the time.

Annette and her husband were highly involved in the prosecution.  Now she helps support other families as co-leader for the St. Louis Area Wide Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children.  Members meet for support, go to court hearings with impacted families, and help them navigate the judicial system.

Annette understands that for these families the feeling of loss never goes away.  "If we have a birthday, a wedding, a family thing, that void is there as if he'd left an empty chair."

Parents of Murdered Children/POMC