St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Austin Gomber.

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Cardinals Have A 'Consistency' Problem, Mozeliak Says He Knows It

The Cards president of baseball operations was a guest on Sports on a Sunday Morning.

July 02, 2018 - 1:10 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The results from the last eight games of St. Louis Cardinals baseball sums up this season pretty well. A four-game winning streak against a division rival and one of baseball's best teams was followed with a four-game losing streak against more of MLB's top teams. 

John Mozeliak isn't letting anyone off easy. 

St. Louis' president of baseball operations joined our Mike Kelly for his weekly conversation during Sports On A Sunday Morning and mentioned a few areas he'd like to see improved. 

"You could almost point to almost every aspect of our team right now," Mozeliak says. "Because sometimes it's, you're not getting it from the starting pitching. Sometimes you're not getting it from the bullpen. Sometimes you're not getting it from a defensive standpoint. Sometimes you're clearly not getting it from an offensive standpoint. So I see the frustration, I understand it and it's upon us to try to figure out how to get there."

Throughout their conversation, Kelly asked about a few specific players. Below are some of Mozeliak comments about those players: 

Luke Weaver

Weaver has won just one game in his last nine starts and since May 17 has an ERA of 5.36. 

"He's not having the efficiency to get deeper into a game and clearly his third time through the order has not gone well for him." 

Mozeliak says they will have some opportunities to give him extra rest with the All-Star Game nearing.

Jose Martinez

Martinez has be the only consistent bat in the Cardinals lineup this season (13 home runs, .299 average, 52 RBI), but his glove is still a liability at first base (his seven errors are tied for the most of any MLB first baseman). There's the idea of moving him to the outfield, but Mozeliak says all that does is make the corner outfield positions "more complicated." 

"We want to find a way to get that bad in there, but at some level it's a tough cost to pay," Mozeliak says. "So you know it's something that we are trying to manage and you know I think Mike (Matheny) is just looking at ways to be opportunistic or creative with our lineup and we'll see how things fall out." 

Dexter Fowler

Fowler will have the next few days off for paternity leave and when he returns Mozliak will be looking for him to show more "energy" in his play.

"I certainly want to challenge Dex," Mozeliak says. "I feel like he's someone that when we signed him he brought a lot of energy to our club and right now you're just not seeing that same type." 

Mozeliak says he hears from people that it's an effort issue with Fowler, but says there is a difference between effort and energy, the former being something that can be perceived differently depending on the person.

"Dex is someone that has the ability to maybe make it look a little easier than most. But I don't know if you're seeing that this year," Mozeliak says.

Dakota Hudson

Hudson seems like a powerful weapon just sitting under the "break in case of emergency" glass. But Mozeliak doesn't seem very interested in calling him up anytime unless it is a true emergency. He's won eight of his last nine starts at Triple-A Memphis and has allowed just one home run this season. 

"Memphis is not St. Louis," Mozeliak says. "People that are screaming to get Dakota Hudson up here, just be careful what you wish for. One of the things that I fear is a lot of times when our local media just screams to get guys up here, then we push for it and you don't see the success that you were hoping for it can be a bit frustrating. And there will be a lot a lot of pressure on the player." 

There's also the protection factor of not exposing him to the Rule 5 Draft in the offseason if St. Louis can keep him off of the 40-man roster.