John Vohsen

Police photo

Multiple Drug Arrests at Lincoln County Home

February 12, 2018 - 2:49 pm

LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) - A 71-year-old Lincoln County man is facing felony drug-dealing charges.  

Police got several calls about "narcotic sales" at the home of John Vohsen, who gave investigators permission to search his home. They found a wooden plank in a bedroom wall that gave way to a hidden compartment with baggies, meth and morphine.

Four others in the house were also taken to jail for having drugs: 40-year-old Shawn Fincher, of Warrenton; 48-year-old Wanda Lenk, of Havana, Illinois; 54-year-old Larry Smith, of Hawk Point; and 58-year-old Roxie Acy, of Warrenton.