Nearly 70-Percent Turnout in St. Louis County for November 6th Election

The busiest polling place was in Eureka

Brian Feldman
November 28, 2018 - 1:18 pm


CLAYTON, MO (KMOX) — The St. Louis County Board of Elections released some numbers from November 6 showing how voters cast their ballots. 

In total, just over 460,000 ballots were cast in St. Louis County, with a turnout of 69-percent of registered voters.  12-percent voted absentee with the rest showing up on Election Day. 

Republican Hawley Defeats Democrat McCaskill

Of those who physically came to the polls, 55-percent chose a paper ballot while 45-percent used the touchscreen. 

The average age of voters in St. Louis County was 52 years old. That's actually four years younger than the primary in August. 

The polling place with the largest number of voters?  Timbers of Eureka.