New Bill Would Give Police More Authority on Metrolink

May 16, 2018 - 8:45 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Police from Illinois would have more power to fight crime on the Metrolink in Missouri, under a bill moving forward in the board of aldermen. 

Passing out of committee, the plan supported by Public Safety Director Jimmy Edwards, to let St. Claire County law enforcement take action in trains, even in Missouri.

“If you are in law enforcement and you observe a crime, you have the duty to act. Even if you can’t arrest, your duty to act is to detain,” he says.

Edwards spoke at city hall, where aldermen gave first-round approval of a plan to let police from St. Clair County, Illinois hold suspects on the trains in Missouri, until St. Louis city or county police arrive to make the arrest.

“Unfortunately, we’ve not done a very good job of securing the Metrolink, and when things do occur that are criminal in nature,  we tend to point fingers at each other,” Edwards says.