Looking to lose weight? Eat dinner at 2 p.m.

A new study shows the earlier you eat your last meal, the better on your waistline.

Fred Bodimer
August 08, 2019 - 3:00 am

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — A new study on losing weight suggests you should think about eating dinner early -- really, really early. 

This new study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham tested Early Time-Restricted Feeding -- or eTRF -- which is a type of fasting where you only eat between 8-am and 2-pm.  The study found that eating only during that six-hour window successfully reduced hunger hormones.

"There is more and more evidence lately coming out showing benefits to this," said Dr. Jennifer Wessels, a family medicine physician with the SSM Health Medical Group and VP of Medical Affairs for SSM Health.  "The jury is still out in terms of how effective this is for everyone, or for people with certain medical conditions.  They may be less receptive to this.  But what we do know is that when you restrict the time of your eating, you're also more likely to cut down on your calories and your food intake, therefore burning off more calories and losing more weight."

Scientists discovered the six-hour eating window improved the ability to switch between burning food for energy to burning fat. 

"Cutting off your eating at a certain time like 2-pm really falls in line with a lot of the work and study in intermittent fasting right now," Dr. Wessels tells KMOX.  "A lot of studies are showing that when you are fasting for longer periods of time, or not eating for longer periods of time, it can change your body composition and can change how your body adjusts to hormones like ghrelin and leptin - some of the hormones that trigger hunger or satiety, or the feeling of complete fullness."​

Researchers think a six-hour eating window works because it is more in line with the natural body clock.

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