WATCH: First demonstration of Busch Stadium's new flashing lights

The 680 new individual light fixtures installed could dance, flicker and flash at Cardinals games this season

March 26, 2019 - 3:34 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Each one of the new 680 individual light fixtures that were installed at Busch Stadium this offseason can flicker on and off at the blink of eye. And the St. Louis Cardinals are still experimenting with how to put that power to use this season. 

Cardinals Vice President of Facility Planning Joe Abernathy and "Craig" in the control booth put on a light display for media, Tuesday night. With nine days left before the Cardinals home opener, Abernathy and his crew are still settling on how the lights could be used to celebrate Cardinals home runs and pitching changes, or highlight certain sections of the stadium like the batter's eye in center field, bullpens or home plate. 

You can watch the demonstration in the video above.

The new GigaTera lights will have benefits for fans as well as the Cardinals' bottom line. The new lights come with a life expectancy of 30 years, which is six times the life span of the current lights at Busch.

Tom Franklin/KMOX
There will also be big savings for operating the lights themselves. Abernathy told KMOX News that it will cost 60 percent less to run the new LED lights on a yearly basis. With the existing lights, it costs the team about $70,000 every year to keep the lights on for the 81 games the Cardinals host during the rest of the season, plus post-season games and other events.

The fans, both watching at home or at the game itself, will also notice a big difference. The new lights will also allow the Cardinals to provide theatrical lighting effects and themes for things like home run celebrations and other big events during a game.

"We're starting to see that within Major League Baseball," Abernathy pointed out. "They're using it for bringing guys in from the bullpen, home runs, victories...the in-game entertainment guy should have a lot of fun with this!"

Players and staff will also benefit from the new lights. The quality of light will be 90% of the quality of natural light with improved uniformity, reduced shadows, reduced glare, and providing a more visually comfortable light.

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