New Motions in Gov. Greitens Case

Prosecutor still has no photograph

Kevin Killeen
May 02, 2018 - 6:24 pm

Kevin Killeen/KMOX


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The prosecutor in the Gov. Eric Greitens invasion of privacy case still has no photograph, no witness who's seen it, and no evidence of transmission.

Those are among the gold nuggets contained in a stack of motions released to reporters Wednesday, as the deadline to file motions passed this week. 

Given the lack of evidence that a photo exists or was transmitted, lawyers for the governor are asking the judge to dismiss the case.

Another motion from the prosecutor asks that the judge forbid any questions during the trial that would bring up the woman's "sexual or psychiatric history."

A similar motion filed by Greitens' team asks the judge to not allow the woman to testify about whether she thinks Greitens has PTSD or any combat medical conditions.

Also, Greitens' lawyers want the judge to force everyone to be identified by their names in court, ending what has been months of anonymity for the woman.

The flurry of last-minute motions must be ruled on by Judge Rex Burlison before the case moves to trial May 14.

On Monday, the judge is scheduled to consider a defense motion to disqualify Greitens' former lover from testifying. The motion argues that the hairdresser was "tainted" and led along by the prosecutor's former chief investigator, the one accused of perjury in the case. 

Were the judge to disqualify the alleged victim from testifying, it could potentially blow up the whole case -- because the prosecutor needs her to testify that while blindfolded in Greitens' basement, she heard what she thought was an i-Phone camera snapping a photo, saw a flash, and was warned by Greitens not to talk about the affair or he would spread the photo around.

More documents are expected to be released Thursday.