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New Pressure on Judge to Eliminate Evidence, Witnesses From Greitens Case

A central figure is refusing to answer questions.

April 26, 2018 - 3:43 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Lawyers for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens ask the judge to make some big cuts in what evidence is allowable, because a central figure is refusing to answer questions.

The prosecutor's former chief investigator, William Tisaby, showed up for a deposition with Greitens lawyers, but he wanted 48 hours to meet with an attorney, and the judge said no. So Tisaby took the 5th -- refusing to answer any questions about the case.  

That's prompting Greitens' lawyers to ask the judge to toss out Tisaby, and any witnesses or evidence he touched.

The prosecutor says Tisaby has not tainted the case.

The big fear is the judge could strike Greitens former mistress from testifying, and that could make the whole case fall apart.