New St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell Urging Patience

He's "setting the record straight" on social media

Brad Choat
January 06, 2019 - 7:55 am
Wesley Bell

Photo supplied/Wesley Bell for St. Louis County Prosecutor campaign


CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) — Saint Louis County's new prosecutor is asking for "patience" from the public.​

Wesley Bell posted on Facebook Saturday that he wanted to set the record straight about proposed reforms.

Bell said his transition team created a working document to begin internal discussions and sought some professional input. 

He said someone leaked a document  ... and it was reported in media as if policies were finalized.

Bell said he stands behind his word that Saint Louis County cannot and will not prosecute poverty... or operate the courts as debtors prisons.

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On the topic of child support... he said the county has been an "outlier" in Missouri by going after deadbeats in criminal courts instead of making them civil contempt matters. He'd like to change that.

Bell concluded by saying his office will continue to help parents collect unpaid child support.  

Bell said he feels Saint Louis County cannot continue to prosecute poverty.