Apple Butter Festival puts Kimmswick back into the black

However, the village's mayor admits it's time to find new ways to make money.

Brian Kelly
November 07, 2019 - 7:29 am

KIMMSWICK, Mo. (KMOX) — The final numbers from Kimmswick's Apple Butter festival are in and  the revenue will help the city stay in the black...for now.

However, the Mayor says its time to develop new sources of revenue "to get out of this miniscule budget issue."

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Phil Stang says the cancellation of June's Strawberry festival and the cold rainy Saturday of the Apple Butter Festival demonstrate the need for the city to diversify.
"How do we also grow the city of Kimmswick?" he asks. "Maintaining it's historic river city history."
Stang says one key is the building of a port for the Delta Queen and other riverboat cruises and he hopes he can attract an ecological center connected to the new aquarium at St. Louis Union Station.

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The challenge with these is goals according to Stang is "all of those things are like watching grass grow.  Their making progress, but they're very slow."
In the meantime, next year will see the return of the Taste of Kimmswick, which debuted last summer.

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